Accelerate growth through a strong, prepared workforce.

Economic Development

Competing in a global economy requires a prepared workforce – and strong, collaborative partnerships between the public and private sectors. The Kuder Talent Pipeline kick-starts sustainable economic development with evidence-based tools and resources to shape a brighter future.

"Kuder can help make those connections."

Building the Talent Pipeline

Jay Byers, CEO of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, discusses how Kuder plays a role in helping to strengthen Iowa's talent pipeline. Watch the video.


Kuder brings about swift and substantial improvements that streamline the pathways from education to careers, boost completion and transition rates, and ultimately form a workforce equipped to compete in a global economy.

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When it's your priority to tie workforce planning to your business strategy, engaging with education and community partners is a must. Kuder supports this collaboration and helps ensure that today's students become tomorrow's top candidates.

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"It just makes sense that businesses would want to get involved."

Career development leads to economic development.

See how the OK Career Guide, powered by Kuder® provides students with work-based learning experiences aligned with their personal interests, skills, and work values. Watch the video.

“Economic success has long been tied to the cultivation of human capital. Companies like Kuder are absolutely critical when it comes to strengthening the talent pipeline.”

Jay Byers, Chief Executive Officer

The Greater Des Moines Partnership