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College Access Package will come with a fully integrated Common App experience for the 2021/2022 Academic Year.

About College Access Package (CAP) 

The College Access Package adds an expanded set of tools and resources to Kuder Navigator to help students plan and prepare to attend college. CAP helps you guide college-bound students (and families!) through every aspect of the postsecondary planning and decision-making process, including:

Preparing for Exams

Your students may need assistance preparing for college entrance and/or AP exams. Our Test Preparation tools help boost students’ college readiness and support the attainment of higher education.

  • Prepare for Entrance Exams — where students can take two SAT courses and six SAT practice tests, two ACT courses and six ACT practice tests; one PSAT practice test; one Accuplacer course and three Accuplacer practice tests; one ASVAB prep course; and two GED practice tests.
  • Prepare for AP Exams – where students can take 38 practice tests on the following subjects: Sciences, Math & Computer Science, English, History & Social Science, and World Languages and Cultures. 
  • My Exam Prep — where students, from the My Portfolio Items section, can view their completed entrance exam/AP exam prep results.

Selecting and Applying for College

Whether your students need to weigh college options or complete their applications,various tools throughout the College Access package make this easy.

  • College Match — where students and families, from the Plan for Education menu section, can enter general, academic, and financial information to get a list of their college matches categorized as Safety, Near Safety, Match, and Reach. From the list, students also learn about their likelihood of being admitted and the differences between sticker price and estimated net price to determine their debt burden.
  • My Transcript Requests — where students, from the My Portfolio Items section, can review the transcript requests that they have initiated. Within Navigator, students can request transcripts for colleges they are exploring and planning to apply to. This feature requires an active Parchment account and license agreement. If you do not currently have an active parchment account, Parchment will be in touch with you within the next few days to walk you through the process. Once you’ve completed your Parchment setup, please contact Kuder so we can activate this system feature for you.
  • My College Applications — where students, from the My Portfolio Items section, can enter and keep track of the status of college admissions applications, deadlines, and letters of recommendation.
  • My Scholarship Applications — where students, from the My Portfolio Items section, can enter and keep track of college scholarship applications.

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