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Welcome to Kuder Galaxy, an online career awareness system for elementary students, their parents, and schools!

Galaxy makes learning about the world of work fun by igniting the playful spirit of young explorers through a series of engaging games, videos, and activities. Rooted in grade level-specific career readiness goals, students experience missions as they step foot on planets, each representing a different work environment, theme, and objectives.

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Add students one by one.

If you only have a few students you need to add, you may want to add them manually. To add students one by one, follow these easy steps.

  1. Select "Students" from the navigation pane.

  2. Select "Add Student".

  3. Enter in all required fields regarding the student.

  4. Click "Save".

  5. Repeat these steps until you have added all students desired.

Watch this quick view clip for a student set up tutorial.

Step 3: Add Students to Your Classroom 

Now that you have your classroom(s) created and students uploaded, you may begin moving individual students into the appropriate classroom. This will need to completed from a school admin account or by a district admin viewing as an appropriate school admin.

  1. Select "Classrooms" from the navigation pane.

  2. Find the classroom and click the Edit icon.

  3. You’ll be directed to a page divided into three sections: Name of Classroom, Classroom Students, and Students. This page allows you to change your classroom name, assign additional teachers to the classroom, and add students to your classroom.

  4. If you've already uploaded students to your school, you will see them in the Students section. When you see the name of a student that should be in your classroom, click on the (+) icon to the right of that student’s name. You’ll immediately see that student’s name move up to the section entitled "Classroom Students".

  5. If you have not uploaded students to your school you can manually add them to your class one-by-one in this section or follow the instructions on uploading students.

 Got it! Let's manage standards.

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