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Welcome to Kuder Navigator – an all-in-one online education and career planning system that helps middle and high school students, and their parents, visualize their futures — and make the plans to get there.

Through Navigator, your students will uncover insights into their personal interests, skills confidence, and work values, create education plans, learn real-world skills, and set goals for the future.  Plus, educators, counselors, career advisors, and administrators can access real-time data and generate reports with a few simple clicks.

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Generate Reports

The Kuder Administrative Database Management System (ADMS) gives educators, counselors, career advisors, and administrators access to real-time data, generate reports, and meet accountability requirements — all with a few simple clicks. Whether you're looking to find information on a specific user, or would like a high-level overview of key usage information, here you can access the information you need to get started.

Find a User

To locate information regarding an individual student follow these steps:

  • Go to the Administration tab.

  • Type in all or part of the first name or all or part of the last name and click "Search".

  • Scroll down to see the user's information. 

  • Select the blue action button on the right side to view the account for that student.

  • There you can reset the password, review all completed work, and view various reports.

Run a Report

Core assessment reports contain individual and aggregate assessment results, one page summaries, a top three assessment results report, and advanced options that allow for more detailed filtering. 

  • To view assessment results go to the tab called Reports and select "Core" in the top left box labeled Assessment Reports. 
  • Select the appropriate product for your education level (Navigator for secondary and Journey for postsecondary and adults), filter the other criteria to fit your needs, and select the appropriate button at the bottom of the page for the report you want.
  • If you want detailed filtering options to get information for a specific group of students, select the "Advanced Options" link under Core Reports.
  • You'll be able to review the report, generate a print preview, export to CSV, learn more from the "Understanding this Report" link, and Update Criteria to adjust the report. 

 Got it! Explore student side.

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