Ensure retention, completion, and workforce readiness.


When you’re working with postsecondary students, you know how critical it is to support them as they choose an academic major and develop a career path. It’s also critical to help them avoid incurring college-related debt caused by indecision on either front.

 Kuder Journey
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Postsecondary & Adult Career Transitions

Evidence-based career planning for adults at all life stages.

Kuder Journey gives college students the tools they need to select a course of study, research careers, secure financial aid, develop electronic portfolios, search for jobs, and more. For administrators, it offers tools to track individual progress and high-level trends, generate accountability reports, and communicate with system users. 

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 Kuder Professional Development
Professional Development

Improve Delivery of Meaningful Career Interventions

Take your career to the next level.

When it’s your business to help others move ahead, there’s always something new to learn. Our expert faculty has created a range of professional development courses to help you guide the way for students and adults alike.

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Flexible Customization and Localization Services

We can tailor any Kuder solution to meet your needs.

Individuals, schools, colleges, and government agencies: each one has a different set of goals and objectives. That’s why we offer such a wide range of product and service solutions — and the reason we’ve customized many comprehensive education and career planning systems for clients worldwide.

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