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We offer resources and tips for the important role parents play in a child's college and career planning journey, including a free system account where parents can review progress, education and career portfolios, assessment results, and more.

Kuder Galaxy

Kuder Galaxy

Elementary Career Awareness

Help them get a jump on tomorrow.

Kuder Galaxy is a fun and educational career awareness system for elementary students in grades pre-K through five. The system is aligned with the U.S. National Core Curriculum standards and delivers developmentally appropriate content based on learning transitions. Galaxy's flexible format empowers teachers and parents to provide a game-driven, interactive, and motivating experience. 

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 Kuder Journey
Kuder Journey

Postsecondary & Adult Career Transitions

Prepare them for brighter futures.

Kuder Journey gives college students and adults the tools they need to select a course of study, research careers, secure financial aid, develop electronic portfolios, search for jobs, and more. 

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