Make your mark on the future. 

Postsecondary Students

If you're still unsure about the future, you're not alone. We've got tools to help you select a college major, research careers, secure financial aid, create an electronic portfolio, search for jobs, and more.

Resume Writing Tips for StudentsGet Free Career Advice 

New to the workforce? Got questions? Here's help.

The prospect of facing your first “real” job search can be daunting. Here's help.

How a parent can support a child's career development7 Tips for Getting a Summer Internship 

How are you spending your summers? 

Use our free internship planning spreadsheet

Kuder Journey
Kuder Journey

Find what’s next in life.

Kuder Journey gives college students the tools they need to select a course of study, research careers, secure financial aid, develop electronic portfolios, search for jobs, and more. 


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