Kuder System Awareness KitKit Overview

Welcome! By spending just a little time on efforts to “market” your system to staff, students, parents, adult learners, and other users, you’ll help ensure participation by keeping education planning and career development top-of-mind all year long. So we’ve put together this kit with guidelines, suggestions, strategies and tactics, and plug-and-play (self-serve), content-filled templates for you.

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What’s in the kit? A lot of great stuff.

Kit Overview

Download and read the kit overview first for an introduction, strategies and tactics, tips for designing a communications plan and samples, and available resources.

Then, check out the additional resources below.

  • Brand Guidelines – This section of resources, provided below, has several logo files for your use and a document to help you use our guidelines successfully.
  • Promotional Materials – This section of resources, provided below, includes several fliers and poster files, instructions for printing, and easy to use templates for announcements, letters, social media, and more.

Brand Guidelines

Here are some easy guidelines to the Kuder brand, including logo usage, colors, product and services terminology, and more.

Brand Guidelines

Download and follow our brand guidelines. They will help you when promoting your Kuder-powered system, whether within your organization or via public-facing communications. These guidelines apply to clients, affiliates, and third-party organizations that partner with Kuder in the creation, facilitation, and management of collateral materials bearing the Kuder name, brand, and/or references to Kuder products and services. 

Kuder Logo Set

Click and save to utilize these logos to promote your use of a Kuder system. Be sure to add a Kuder logo your website and link it to your Kuder system login page such as https://galaxy.kuder.comhttps://navigator.kuder.com, or https://journey.kuder.com. Download Tip: Click on a logo link below and it will open in a new window. Right click on the image and choose "save as" to save it to your computer. 

Kuder Corporate

Kuder Systems

 Kuder Full Color Logo

 Powered by Kuder Logo

 Kuder Galaxy

 Kuder Galaxy Icon

 Kuder Logo Black

 Kuder Logo White

 Kuder Navigator

 Kuder Navigator Icon

 Kuder Logo Symbol

 Kuder Journey

 Kuder Journey Icon

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