MyCareerShines Access Ended

Free access for the state of Florida to MyCareerShines has ended effective July 31, 2022. Administrators, it is possible to regain access to all your current and historical data and career planning course curriculum and lesson plans as well as student account progress with valid assessments, financial literacy modules, career and education plans, favorite scholarships, in-demand careers, and more.

If you would like to speak with someone about regaining access to MyCareerShines for your district, please email us at to discuss district-level solutions and pricing options.

College & Career Development Solutions

Kuder Galaxy for Elementary Students in Florida

Career Exploration for Elementary Students

It’s never too early to think about your dream job — and that’s exactly what elementary students do in Kuder Galaxy. Meet state requirements for supporting PreK-5 students with Galaxy's many interactive and educational games, videos, activities, and rewards. Students will uncover personal interests, learn critical social and emotional learning concepts, and build self-awareness around the world of work as they engage with grade-specific content at each level.


Kuder Navigator for Middle and High School Students in Florida

Secondary Career Education Platform

Florida students in grades 6-12 can complete Navigator's career assessments in less than 20 minutes to reveal powerful personal insights about their career interests, skills or aptitudes, and work values. These secondary students can then utilize their results to create and manage their individual graduation plans, develop comprehensive career planning skills, and envision future goals to ultimately achieve success after graduation.


Career Advisor Training Course for Florida Educators

Professional Development Courses

The Kuder Career Advisor Training (CAT) program offers the latest evidence-based strategies, trends, and best practices in your choice of an e-learning or blended learning environment. Created by Kuder's expert faculty, these professional development courses help teachers, administrators, counselors, and career development professionals expand their knowledge, earn certifications and continuing education credits, and guide the way for students and adults alike.



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