Request Your MyCareerShines Training Today!

In-person and online training for MyCareerShines is available upon request. You’ll have an opportunity to learn about each of the online tools within MyCareerShines, including Kuder Galaxy® for elementary, Kuder Navigator® for middle schools and high schools, and Kuder Journey® for postsecondary students and adults. You can also request training on the Kuder Administrative Database Management System® available to educators, school counselors, academic advisers, career advisers, and other administrators.  

To provide the best experience for in-person training, the facility or room should have reliable Internet and a computer for each participant, in addition to a projector, screen/monitor, and speakers for the trainer. 

Please use this form to submit your request. We will contact you to schedule the training. 

You do not need your administrative account set up before you attend training. 

Meet The Trainers.

  • Maggie Miller

    Maggie Miller

    North/Central Florida Field Trainer

  • Paula Crutchley

    Paula Crutchley

    South Florida Field Trainer

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