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Kuder is backed by 80 years of research, and we're not stopping now. 

Dating back to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Frederic Kuder in 1938, we continue his legacy today with our technical briefs, outcome studies, and white papers. Review summaries of our assessment activities that demonstrate our reliability, validity, and fairness, gain insight on how we build brighter futures for youth and adults, and read about support for industry trends and career guidance topics. You'll understand why millions choose Kuder. We're committed to providing only the highest quality, accurate, and research-based solutions.

Interested in global research in the fields of career services and vocational psychology?

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 Technical Briefs

Giving You Confidence with Reliable Assessments

Technical Briefs

Our technical briefs are summary documents that concisely describe our assessments and the activities undertaken to demonstrate reliability, validity, and fairness. 

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 Outcome Studies

Making a Difference with Influential Studies

Outcome Studies

Research sets Kuder apart in the industry and we can prove it. Our outcome studies reveal the difference our products and services are making in the lives of students and adults across the world.

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 White Papers

Keeping You Current with Impactful Insights

White Papers

As the global authority in career guidance and education, Kuder provides white papers to share our position and knowledge on career guidance topics. 

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