Uncovering opportunities for developing students’ SEL competencies.

Social & Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning (SEL) is more important than ever for today's students. Here are some resources to support SEL at school and at home. 

Social Emotional LearningLet's Talk About SEL

 We know SEL is more important than ever.

 Students need to master SEL competencies in order to succeed in the workplace.

Free Lesson Plan on Decision Making
 Free Decision-Making Lesson Plan

"Decision-Making In My Life"

Here's an interactive activity that's all about the value of planning ahead. 

Financial Literacy ResourcesFree Financial Literacy Resources

Responsible Decision-Making 101

Help students' financial knowledge and preparedness.

Writing a Personal Manifesto
Writing a Personal Manifesto

Self-Awareness and Self-Management 101

Help students prioritize what’s important to them and what they want to achieve. 

Self Management SEL Activity Goal Setting with Elementary Students

Self-Management SEL Activity: Goal Setting for Elementary Students

 When elementary students learn how to set goals, they're taking the first steps in developing a growth mindset. Check out our free lesson and downloadable goal-setting.

Social Emotional Learning and Intelligence

Social Emotional Learning and Intelligence: Background Literature

White Paper By Ryan McGrew

This white paper identifies how resources within the Kuder Career Planning System® (KCPS) provide alignment and opportunity with respect to these skills and behaviors, and reviews findings highlighting the benefits that are realized in the form of critical measures of student success. Click the PDF below to read the full paper.

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