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Kuder Career Planning System

From pre-kindergarten to postsecondary or tertiary education, from entering the workforce to mid-career transitions, the Kuder Career Planning System® (KCPS) is here to help people discover new directions and create rewarding plans. Our experts have harnessed eight decades of proprietary research and development to create the KCPS, helping millions around the world unleash their potential. 

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Kuder Career Planning System Top Wins 2018 Workplace Award

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Elementary Career Awareness

Help them get a jump on tomorrow.

It’s never too early to think about your dream job — and that’s exactly what young students do as they engage with the career-awareness activities in Kuder Galaxy. Kids will harness the power of play as they interact with our game-driven system and learn concepts about work. Galaxy is aligned with prominent national and international career development standards.

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Kuder Journey
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Postsecondary & Adult Career Transitions

Prepare them for brighter futures.

Planning a move, making a change, or recommitting to a chosen field — every career is guaranteed to have transitions. Kuder Journey gives postsecondary students and adults a flexible platform to gain insights, then explore an exciting range of career and education options — all directly related to their interests, skills, and work values.

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A Career Planning System Designed Exclusively for International Clients

Help them get worlds ahead.

Kuder Atlas is an online career guidance system designed to swiftly turn aspirations into reality. This global-friendly tool serves as a centralized starting point for youth and adults as they navigate on their education and career development journeys. With resources to support the development of a sustainable talent pipeline, Atlas makes it easier than ever to get worlds ahead.

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Connect 2 Business
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A KCPS Companion Tool for Employers

Get involved to shape the future.

Businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies offer worlds of opportunity to success-minded secondary students and adults — and Connect 2 Business is here to help make those connections. KCPS users are matched with internships, co-ops, apprenticeships, summer jobs, and job shadows, all within the easy, convenient planning system they already use.

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A Reporting Dream for Administrators

Bring it all together with real data.

The Kuder Administrative Database Management System for teachers, counselors, and other administrators can be summed up in two simple words: virtual dashboard. Program managers get instant access to individual and group data, planning tools, and robust reporting.

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The Kuder Assessments

The foundation you can count on.

The Kuder assessments are built on nearly 80 years of ongoing, rigorous research and standards to ensure they provide the highest quality results. Available through Kuder Navigator and Kuder Journey, our career interests, skills confidence, and work values assessments are the first critical steps to successful career development. 

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Jerry Trusty, Ph.D.

“Our time as educational professionals is more productive if we help parents help their children. After all, parents can be continual resources for their children, whereas counselors, administrators, and teachers are only temporary resources.”

Jerry Trusty, Ph.D.

Research Faculty, Outcome and Evaluation