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Career guidance system designed exclusively for our international clients.

Kuder Atlas turns aspirations into reality, all around the globe. It is designed for both speed and localization, so youth and adults can navigate their education and career development journeys with the tools and data they need, in the languages they speak.

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This system is for non-U.S. based clients only. 



Atlas is designed exclusively and specifically for our international, non-U.S. based clients with flexible options to ensure content and features are culturally appropriate.
Atlas is available in several languages — contact us to learn more!

Follows a proven career development process. 

From taking assessments and exploring occupational and educational options to preparing for work and finding a job, Atlas includes the critical components to help students and adults plan for a career. 

Features research-based assessments. 

Atlas includes the Kuder assessments to measure career interests, skills confidence, and work values. Assessments may be localized for specific regions of the world.

Ensures optimal usage.

Built with high security standards and a mobile-friendly interface, implementing and using Atlas is easy and fast. 

 Atlas Benefits 


Empowers students and adults to confidently chart their course with:

  • A reliable, valid foundation for career planning via Kuder’s industry-leading assessments, offering insight into personal interests, skills, and work values. 
  • A world of possibilities — users can explore occupations and education options.
  • Job search preparation, including a CV builder, cover letter writer, and more.
  • A sharable career portfolio — a great way to document the process, keep valuable information in one place, and share accomplishments.

Adaptable and flexible for your region, country, institution, or organization:

  • Assessment localization which includes language and cultural review and analysis.
  • Multi-lingual capabilities: Currently available in Arabic, Chinese, English (multiple types), Portuguese, and Spanish. 
  • Selection of an appropriate occupational database.
  • Personalization of contact information, colors, and logo. 

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Dr. Musafiri Papias Malimba

“[Students’] wishes, dreams, aspirations are kept alive until when they graduate, and after graduation they will be doing something they love doing most, [which] will increase productivity in whatever they do. When you increase productivity you spur economic growth and development.”

Dr. Musafiri Papias Malimba

Rwanda Minister of Education