Help elementary students get a jump on tomorrow.

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A powerful, yet playful system for pre-K to fifth grade students.

Based on elementary learning transitions, Kuder Galaxy is an educational career awareness system that helps kids get excited for the future — and have some fun while they’re at it.

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Activity-based learning.

Students can participate in four types of career awareness activities at their own pace: 

  • Play. Games that emphasize educational development.
  • Watch. Videos and songs to develop self-understanding.
  • Do. Classroom activities that stimulate individual learning.
  • Explore. Field trips, scavenger hunts, and more.  

Age-specific content.

Developmentally appropriate content is delivered to students based on their needs: pre-K through second grade, third and fourth grade, and fifth grade.

Dashboards for teachers and parents.

Teachers and parents can get real-time information to track student progress, areas of interest, activity completion, and more.

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Galaxy Benefits 


Make the first steps to career planning fun and meaningful:

  • Empower the development of self-awareness and knowledge at each learning transition through user-guided exploration.
  • Engage today’s children who, from a young age, have accessed mobile technology and digital experiences through games and activities.
  • Connect personal interests with appropriate school subjects and general career paths.

Plus, it’s a dream for parents, teachers, and administrators:

  • Align with the National Common Core curriculum standards.
  • Achieve early career awareness goals, as defined by the National Career Development Association and American School Counselor Association.
  • Track developmental progress with real-time data.


Making a difference — one child at a time.

Creates Self-Awareness

Helps children develop self-awareness — starting as early as pre-kindergarten.

Encourages Completion

Designated as a “Model Program” by the National Dropout Center.

Broadens Career Awareness

Features a wide variety of careers and avoids gender stereotypes.

Improves Performance

Students demonstrated an 11% increase in school performance.

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