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Helping people thrive in uncertain times.

Hope Central™ is a dynamic career recovery resource that’s configurable to meet the unique needs of your community or team. Created by our elite panel of career development experts with backgrounds in psychology, education, and wellness, this holistic system helps people cope with the emotional experience of unemployment while regaining personal and professional stability. 

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Why Hope Central?

A record-breaking number of Americans are facing job loss and uncertainty. Even when temporary, unemployment can leave workers feeling financially unstable, hopeless, and without purpose. As a leader in career development, Kuder, Inc. has created a dynamic system to help companies, communities, and workforce development organizations support furloughed and unemployed individuals.

Through research-based interactive assessments, virtual coaching, and helpful videos and articles, users are guided on a path forward.

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Videos, articles, and activities.

Users can interact with custom content that addresses five critical elements to career recovery: Social Support, Personal Growth, Career Planning, Professional Development, and Crisis Resources.

Stress resiliency toolkit.

Unemployment is one of life’s most stressful events. Hope Central gives users access to exclusive resources that promote new strategies and actions to help them cope successfully.

Career next steps.

Hope Central includes components of the award-winning Kuder Journey® system, which contains valuable career planning tools to assist users in figuring out what's next for them and their career.


Review all features, packages, and a la carte offerings by downloading our comprehensive overview of the Hope Central system:


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Hope Central
Norman Amundson, Ph.D.

“Hope Central is a comprehensive career service that attends to the emotional side of unemployment as well as to career exploration and practical job search strategies. This full-service approach is designed to let laid-off employees know that they are not being abandoned or forgotten.”

Norman Amundson, Ph.D.

Professor, University of British Columbia

Meet the Curators of Hope Central

With 80 years of industry-leading experience, Kuder has helped more than 165 million people worldwide visualize what’s next in life — and make the plans to get there. With a commitment to encouraging lifelong learning, development, and achievement, this board's sole focus is to provide subject matter expertise and guidance in support of the vision, mission, and goals of Hope Central.

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