Reach and prepare your talent pipeline. Here’s where it happens.

Kuder Connect 2 Business

Match career aspirations with local employers.

Kuder Connect 2 Business (C2B) gives students and adults a quick, easy way to find opportunities that align with their interests, skills, and values. Plus, it helps local employers fill internships, co-ops, apprenticeships, seasonal jobs, and more. 

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Kuder Career Planning System integration.

Create a custom profile where users can learn more about your business and your available work-experience opportunities.

Target by your business needs.

Identify students or adult users who have interests, skills, and values that are aligned with your organization.

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 C2B Benefits


Connect with your local talent pipeline:

  • Communicate directly to engaged and interested candidates.
  • Generate awareness for local business opportunities.
  • Support workforce preparation for local youth.
  • Promote hands-on career exploration.


"It just makes sense that businesses would want to get involved."

See how the OK Career Guide, powered by Kuder®, integrates Connect 2 Business to provide students with work-based learning experiences at local businesses.

“Connect 2 Business is the perfect tool to realize that vision of making sure that every young person has a chance to ‘try out’ his or her career in business or industry through extended learning opportunities. One day we will look back and realize that Connect 2 Business provided the incentive to the business community that changed our state from one with a vision to one of education and real world experience for our youth.”

Kaye Shaw

Midlands Regional Education Center