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Kuder Link 2 College

Connect to students whose assessment results align with your institution’s programs.

Developed to promote a better fit between students and colleges, Kuder Link 2 College improves the effectiveness of college recruiting programs by providing a direct way to reach your ideal population.

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Student-driven requests.

L2C puts students in the driver's seat to request information — about major or program details, admissions requirements, financial aid and more — directly from the institutions they are interested in.

Targeted recruitment.

Colleges and universities can focus more time on the students with a real interest in their institutions and spend less time on mass recruitment efforts.

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 L2C Benefits


Find the best fit for your institution:

  • Help students align their career interests and skills with their college selection.
  • Reach students directly and effectively, without draining your budget.
  • Give students a tool to connect with your college and request more information.
  • Focus more time on the students with a real interest in your institution.
  • Spend less time mass recruiting.


Making a difference — one student at a time.

Improves College Planning

80% rated Kuder as highly helpful in choosing college programs.

Better Fit, Better Retention

Improves college selection through personalized student and college connections.

Increases Transitions

90% of Kuder users go on to college (national average is only 67%).

Faster College Completion

Kuder users complete college 60% faster because they don't change their majors.

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