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Expert guidance for middle school and high school students.

Designed by award-winning career guidance experts, Kuder Navigator is an all-in-one online education and career planning system that helps secondary students visualize their futures — and make the plans to get there.

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Research-based assessments.

In 20 minutes or less, students complete three research-based career assessments to discover personal interests, skills confidence, and work values.

Comprehensive planning tools.

Guided by their personalized results, students can:

  • Access financial aid and scholarship info.
  • Build multi-year academic course plans.
  • Use the configurable Grad Plan to make action plans.
  • Record status of applications to stay on track with deadlines.

NEW! Kuder’s College Access Package is now integrated with Common App.

With the available College Access Package, students can:

Download a College Access Package flier to learn more. 

With the available Pathways Link, schools can:

  • Align students' measured career interests with your course offerings.
  • Connect students to your school, campus, or district's CTE or specialized programs of study.
  • Display recommended specialized programs and course sequencing for students. 

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Shareable results.

Each student can save favorites to a lifelong portfolio, keep track of progress, and share information through an e-Profile, customizable to their information, plans, and choices. 

Parents can also get involved to review results and offer guidance via their free Parent account. Download a parent informational flier to learn more

Powerful reporting capabilities.

With the Kuder Administrative Database Management System®, educators can easily measure success, improve accountability, fulfill reporting requirements, and support curriculum development. 

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 Navigator Benefits 


Empowers students to confidently move ahead with:

  • A reliable, valid foundation for career planning via Kuder’s industry-leading assessments, offering insight into personal interests, skills confidence, and work values. 
  • A world of possibilities — students can explore over 1,000 occupations, including those specifically aligned with assessment results.
  • A path toward higher education, including a robust multi-year education planner, college profiles, and complete financial aid information.
  • Preparation for the job search process, including a resume builder and a sharable e-Profile.
  • Access to save all activity within a lifelong career portfolio — with regular usage, the portfolio is a great way to document the process and keep valuable information in one place.

Make a difference in your institution or organization:


Making a difference — one student at a time.

Provides Hope

91% say Kuder gives them hope for the future.

Improves College Planning

80% rate Kuder as highly helpful in choosing college programs.

Enhances Academic Success

80% state Kuder motivates them to stay in school.

Increases Transitions

90% of Kuder users go on to college (U.S. national average is 67%).

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Mindi Heitland, School-to-Work Program Coordinator

“We swear by and use Kuder Navigator in the School-to Work program. Navigator is an important and integral part of our district's preparation of students for college and future careers.”

Mindi Heitland, School-to-Work Program Coordinator

Waukee Community School District

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