Find your passion. Then follow it.


With comprehensive tools and resources tailored to your individual needs, Kuder offers support you can count on to plan a career, make a career change, or keep your career on track. Our comprehensive tools and resources help you visualize a better future and make it a reality by guiding you through a step-by-step process to explore options, set goals, and take action.

Kuder Journey
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Evidence-based career planning for adults of all ages.

Kuder Journey is an intuitive and scientifically validated career planning system that empowers postsecondary students and other adults to make a successful transition, whether it’s planning for that first position, switching jobs, or taking a career to the next level.

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Tools for the real world.

Prep for your next steps using simple tools to create a resume, cover letter, and list of references – all in a shareable e-portfolio. Not to mention interview tips, practical professional skills, and much more.  

Powerful planning resources.

Job-seekers can search relevant occupations, find job openings, and prepare for interviews. Postsecondary students can search suitable majors, financial aid, and scholarships. 

Evidence-based assessments.

Our evidence-based career assessments help you discover personal interests, skills, and work values. In 20 minutes or less, you’ll receive a personalized list of career possibilities.

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