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When added to Navigator, our new Pathways Link connects students to your school, campus, or district's CTE or specialized programs of study by aligning their measured career interests with your course offerings – a great way to provide all students with equitable access to relevant opportunities. 

Pathways Link helps educators place their students in the right courses and reduce churn.

With Pathways Link, when a student completes the Kuder Career Interests Assessment® in Navigator, the system crosswalks their results with O*NET occupations and your corresponding specialized programs. Then it displays three recommended specialized programs for the student, along with recommended course sequencing and full course listings for each.

Pathways Link features and benefits:

  • Manage enrollment. Pathways Link can be incorporated into your programs’ admission criteria to help you manage enrollment. For example, the tool can be used to help determine whether students may be eligible to enroll in your specific CTE programs. 
  • Encourage student persistence. Pathways Link ensures students are enrolled in the programs that not only meet your graduation requirements, but also their personal interests and goals – encouraging persistence and completion. 
  • Make it your own. Pathways Link can be renamed to reflect a school's unique CTE program or initiative.

Learn more about Pathways Link.

For more information or to add Pathways Link to your Navigator license, please contact

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