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Kuder Visions Unlimited, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kuder, Inc., was established to support global efforts to streamline education and career achievements and cultivate a knowledge-based global society. Kuder, Inc., and Kuder Visions Unlimited, collectively referred to as Kuder, is an award-winning brand that is proudly represented all over the world by our associates and esteemed partners.

With our headquarters located in Adel, Iowa, Kuder also maintains offices in Korea and Singapore, and currently works with partners throughout China, Vietnam, Philippines, UAE, and Qatar.

 Kuder Career Planning System

One System. Millions of positive outcomes.

Kuder's Global Partners

Our flexible, scalable systems enable us to work with individuals seeking one-on-one career guidance as well as school districts, states, private organizations, and even nations seeking to establish effective career goals, professional development programs, and other customized solutions.

We’re proud of the impact our solutions have on a global scale. If you are interested in becoming a Kuder Partner, please email global@kuder.com.

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Authorized Business Development Partner in China.

"Everyone we interact with at Kuder, from the CEO, Phil Harrington, to their directors and managers in Korea and Singapore, and their whole team in the United States, have been fully  supportive of our efforts and it’s easy to see why Kuder ranks among the best places to work in the US. With the world finally getting relief from the global pandemic we anticipate collectively serving many more millions of people around the world achieve their career dreams."

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Kuder Authorized Business Development Affiliate in China.


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Kuder Systems Integration Partner.

“Working closely with Kuder, we delivered a localised version of the Kuder Career Planning System (KCPS) for our client, which aims to enable millions of students and adults in skills assessment and life-long career planning. Kuder’s Management has provided strong commitment to this partnership, and their local team has been prompt in supporting our needs. We look forward to more opportunities for collaboration with Kuder.”


Kuder's Customized Solutions

At Kuder, we understand the need for our products to be localized to each culture. Our faculty of career development experts have meticulously reviewed the process of adapting our assessments to these various cultures to ensure their full reliability and validity. Working closely with our partners in their respective countries, millions have benefited from our localized assessments.

Kuder Career Planning System (KCPS)

From pre-kindergarten to postsecondary or tertiary education, the Kuder Career Planning System® (KCPS) is here to help people entering the workforce or exploring mid-career transitions discover new directions and create rewarding plans. Our experts have cultivated more than eight decades of proprietary research and development to create the KCPS, helping millions around the world unleash their potential in the world of work. 

Kuder Career Advisor Training (CAT)

Vision Connect: Since April 2019, Vision Connect has been conducting Kuder Career Advisor Training (CAT) Advanced in China to train qualified career advisors for our partner schools and professionals interested in career planning. Vision Connect has completed nearly 30 sessions of Kuder CAT Advanced across China in different cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xi'an, and more. Over 500 teachers, counselors, and education administrators have participated in this training and have been certified by the International Association of Career Advisors (IACA).

“The four-day training is very condensed, competitive and helpful. Both the training contents and the schedules are very organized. The spirit of Vision Connect team is also united and positive, which is very impressive. It is such a fruitful training program that not only me but also the other classmates all agreed that we had received a theoretical and technical support for further studies and career planning system, enabling schools to carry out life-long career education and strengthening skills to help students when we back to school work.”

Nancy Jia, Dean of Students

Shanghai United School Wanyuan Campus


Kuder actively engages in many types of international projects and presentations to offer our professional insights on career assessment, career exploration, and navigating future career paths to students and adults of all types. Review some of our recent events held across the globe below:

MySkillsFuture Online Program Launches in Singapore

MySkillsFuture and Kuder launch in Singapore

Sponsored by the MOE, WSG, and SSG, this system enables Singaporeans from the age of 11 through adulthood to make informed learning and career choices.

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Kuder Partners with Singapore University in Psychometrics

Vision Connect Conducts Career Advisor Training: Advanced

Kuder expands globally as the leader in psychometrics and psychological testing in Singapore as students all over the world reap the benefits of our assessments.

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Kuder and Carrot Global Present to APPCU

Kuder & APPCU

Review the main topics of discussion and insights from Kuder associates that were presented at the APPCU's third annual webinar event.

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Carrot Global Develops Atlas 2.0 in Korea

Carrot Global Develops Atlas 2.0 in Korea

A brand new, Korean version of Kuder's Atlas product is now available from Carrot Global Inc. (CGI).

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Kuder is an established leader in the education technology industry. Learn more about the science and history behind our systems from these works produced by our highly regarded associates and faculty:

White Paper: An Overview of Holland Theory & Application in the KCPS

Kuder Galaxy System 


This white paper by Ryan McGrew provides a brief background on the Holland Theory and its applications in the Kuder Career Planning System® (KCPS).

The Kuder Assessments: A Powerful Springboard for Career Planning 

Kuder Assessments and Career Guidance 


The Kuder career interests, skills confidence, and work values assessments are the first critical steps to successful career development.

The Incredible History & Legacy of Dr. Frederic (“Fritz”) Kuder 

Dr. Frederic Kuder 


Learn more about our history and where it all began over 80 years ago with the first Kuder Preference Record.

“Kuder Journey has helped me, as a career counselor/CSO Manager, understanding our graduate students better. It serves as one of the valuable tools for AIM graduates and future leaders to find the right organization and career path for them”

Ms. Anika De Leon

Career Services Office - AIM


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